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June 27, 2015

Indie Weekends: Blooddrop Spring Simplicities Perfume Review

I've been a bit behind on my review schedule, I needed to take a little break. But I'm hoping to have up my normal review schedule this weekend and next week. I once again hit up Ajevie's Circles, which is a perfume decant circle, for several of the Blooddrop Spring Simplicities perfumes. I only grabbed about half of them in sample form, with only one as a half bottle. This was my first time trying Blooddrop, but again, since I did order these from the decant circle, I won't have all of the information I normally have for my reviews.

AboutBlooddrop is an indie perfumery, but they also carry corsets, jewelry, and a few other bath and body type products as well. But they don't offer perfume samples, so participating in a decant circle like Ajevie's Circles, makes it easy to try a few scents and see if you like them.

Shipping - My decant order shipped 32 days after I placed my order, and arrived 2 days later via USPS from Vermont to California. Expect a decant circle order to ship in about a month.

Product Size - I ordered samples for my decants, for all but one, which was a half bottle. Two of the bottles are only filled with a samples worth, and the other one is the half bottle. Sample sizes for decants are 1 ml.

Free Samples - I do not know if Blooddrop includes samples with regular orders.

Angel Food Cake Blossom - "Sweet, light angel food cake with white ozone accords, white rose, linen, and a eensy drop of clary sage."

This is smells interesting, it’s like the combination of angel food cake and florals. It’s sweet and delicate, but with heavy florals. It’s more floral than gourmand, and I don’t think I like it. I don’t know, I think for some people the florals might calm down quite a bit and you’d get more cake scent, and eventually it does after a few hours.

Brownie Blossom - "Deep, rich chocolate brownie turned into a fresh, spicy, chocolate floral with sandalwood, ginger, white amber, and green cognac."

Very much a chocolate brownie/cake scent, with a bit of floral in there that really makes it come together. It smells really good, and I wish I was eating something that smelled like this perfume does. It’s very sweet though, so be aware of that.

Devil's Food Cake Root - "Dark chocolate cake, soft moss, heartwoods, and patchouli."

I was a bit worried about the combination of chocolate and patchouli, but it’s not that noticeable, and seems to make it smell more chocolatey. It’s quite pleasant actually, it smells like really delicious dark chocolate. After a little while, this smells really good, so this is probably a winner.

Egyptian Jasmine - "Beautiful, heady, sensual."

I love jasmine perfumes, but I haven’t yet found one that was purely jasmine that I loved. This one is really nice. Jasmine for me is associated with all happy memories, so that’s probably why I love it so much. After a while though, it starts to smell like cigarette smoke. Which is such a bummer, it started off so great.

Melon Blossom - "Fresh, airy, sweet with pale melon notes."

This smells like an old lady floral perfume. It is heavy floral, and it does dry down to something a little less pungent. I don’t really get melon at all, it’s just all floral. Not my thing at all, it just reminds me of a big name brand perfume with an alcohol base.

Peach Blossom - "Breathy and airy, cool with light peach notes."

It’s pretty much as the description states, it’s an airy peach scent. It kind of reminds me of a peach soap. It’s nice, but just not what I was hoping for in a peach perfume. But it is very light, not strong at all.

Rain Lily - "Fresh, fruity, and aquatic."

The description for this is pretty accurate, it’s fruity and aquatic, but also floral. It reminds me of a fabric softener sheet or something. It’s pretty though, and not too strong. It’s just a little too heavy on the fruits for me though.

Rice Flower - "Creamy and fresh."

This smells like a more intense version of Black Violet Paper Dolls, which is definitely a good thing for me, I love that perfume. It’s creamy and light, but I will say it smells exactly the same. You don’t really need both if you only kind of like either one. But if you love that scent, you might want both, but I don’t think it’s necessary.

Stephanotis - "Creamy, lush, sweet, airy."

I swear this reminds me of a Bath and Body Works scent, but I can’t place which one. It smells like there might be a bit of jasmine in it, but it’s fairly strong. This one kind of hurts my nose. I would probably pass on this one.

Overall, I was kind of disappointed by the perfumes I picked out. Most of them smelled like a big name brand scent, nothing really stood out as super unique or great for me. I think the first three, Angel Food Cake Blossom, Brownie Blossom, and Devil's Food Cake Root were the best, but even Angel Food Cake Blossom needed a bit of time to become something I liked. And Rice Flower was nice, but just smelled exactly like another perfume I already have. I have already requested decants for the summer perfumes, which have very different notes from these, but I think it's safe to say I will be staying away from florals from Blooddrop. They just didn't work out for me.

Customer Service - I did not have to contact customer service about my decant order.

Availability - It looks like pretty much all of these scents are still available, but I don't know for how much longer.

Overall Satisfaction - I kind of liked Angel Food Cake Blossom, Brownie Blossom, and Devil's Food Cake Root, but I wouldn't call any of them favorites. I'm hoping to try some different kinds of scents from the summer collection, maybe I can find a few things I like from those perfumes.

What did you think of the Blooddrop Spring Simplicities perfumes? Let me know in the comments!

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