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June 14, 2015

Indie Weekends: Glamour Doll Eyes Orange Is The New... Set and Pressed Shadows Review

Have you binge watched the entire third season of Orange Is The New Black yet? I'm working on it, but in the meantime I have a review of the Glamour Doll Eyes Orange Is The New... Set and the brand new pressed shadows today! I've had the set for quite a while, but just received my pressed shadows recently. I ordered all of the pressed shadows but one, and swatched a few of them compared to their loose shadow counterpart.

AboutGlamour Doll Eyes is an indie cosmetics company specializing in eyeshadow, blush, lip glazes, gel eyeliner, and has now ventured into pressed shadows. Vanessa, the owner, is based in Nevada, and has been doing a monthly subscription for three years.

Shipping - It's been too long since I ordered the set to still have the shipping info for it, but for the pressed shadows I got shipping for them 3 days after I ordered. They arrived in 2 days via USPS 2-day Priority from Nevada to California.

Product Size - The products in the Orange Is The New... set are all full size, and can only be purchased as a set, not separately. The pressed shadows only come in one size, but can either be purchased as singles in a clamshell packaging, or 4 together in a palette. Be aware, if you do not add the palette and four shadows in quad packaging, your order will be canceled. If the palette itself is out of stock, you must purchase the shadows in clamshells.

Free Samples - I did not receive any free samples with my pressed shadow order, other than the gift with purchase of the month shadow.

All eyeshadow swatches are done over Too Faced Shadow Insurance primer.

Orange Is The New... Set:

Cartel Vixen - "A shimmering red packed with sparkle that is sure to make you as bold and daring as Alex Vause herself. This Hydraglaze has a buttercream scent."

I had imagined this would be darker, but it's quite sheer. It does have a bit of sparkle, but I hate the applicator. I wish these had a doe foot wand to apply them with, but instead they have a squeeze tube that you have to somehow apply accurately.

Friend Zone - "A darkened blue with red sparkle. You will also notice a blue to green duochrome in some lights."

This is a pretty denim blue, with some sparkle. From the website swatches, I had thought this would be darker and more blue.

Mrs. Bennett - "A matte taupe base with a pink sheen and a rose gold shimmer."

This matte shadow has a tiny bit of sheen, and I think it would be great as an all over lid shade or a transition shade.

Restraining Order - "A medium orange with a strong pink duochrome and a subtle golden sparkle."

From the website swatch I had imagined this would be more of a peachy pink shade, but it's like a metallic peach or sort of rose gold shade.

I was a bit let down with this set, nothing was quite what I expected. I think the products themselves are nice, and the shades are pretty, just nothing seemed quite like it looked in the website photos.

Pressed Shadows:

Bearded Lady - "A medium to dark brown inspired by the luscious beards of the women of the sideshow."

This shade is really dark, but I don't have the loose shadow version to compare. It would make a nice liner or outer corner shade blended into the crease.

Blend.Blend.Blend. - "A darkened lavender with a beautiful red sheen and intense golden sparkle!"

Blend.Blend.Blend. was a shadow from the Holiday sets that made it into the permanent catalog. But it is so much more impressive as a pressed shadow! You can really see the red sheen, and it's a beautiful color that I would wear all over the lid.

Feline Fatale - "A bright purple with subtle black undertones."

This is another shade that looks just a little better than it's loose counterpart. It's got a bit more punch and the purple is a bit darker.

Fiji Mermaid - "A greenish blue that tells the story of a commonly used sideshow act. The Fiji Mermaid is alive and real with with green shimmer undertones, reminiscent of scales."

This shade is just beautiful loose or pressed, but as a pressed shadow it's a darker green and you can really see the metallic sheen.

Gunslinger - "A metallic silver with a golden duochrome and lavender to blue sparkle."

This shade is exclusive to the pressed shadows, it is not available in a loose form. In person, you can see the blue sparkles. It's really silvery and metallic, and I would use this as a center lid highlight.

Heedless Heart - "An almost metallic rose gold."

The loose form of this is an amazing rose gold shadow, but as a pressed shadow it looks like liquid rose gold. It's just beautiful, I can't wait to use this all over the lid, or paired with Mannequin.

Lost Horizon - "A vibrant coral base with a pink and purple duochrome sheen."

I have to admit the loose version of this shadow is a little lackluster, but as a pressed shadow it's just a gorgeous pink.

Mannequin - "Baby pink with metallic qualities and blue shimmers."

I was a bit surprised by this one, I really ended up liking it. I don't have the loose shadow, so I had never tried it before. I wouldn't even call it pink, it's more of a soft pinkish taupe with a strong silvery sheen.

Morocco - "A dark shimmery brown with gold sparkle."

This shade is almost as dark as Bearded Lady, and is sort of in the same color spectrum. I don't think you need both shades, or even one of them unless you really like dark brown shadows. I just never know what to do with so many of them.

Outtie 5000 - "A purpley pink base with a strong blue to purple shimmer."

This shade is a vibrant purple with a blue duochrome. It's pretty cool to see how this shade comes out as a pressed shade, because as a loose shadow it's more pink.

Reckless Devotion - "A pale shimmery pink with copper and gold shifts."

This was a surprise favorite, I wasn't expecting to like this shade so much. But it's a beautiful pinky gold shade with golden shimmer. It looks different from all angles, really unique.

Rose City - "A beautiful violet toned bright magenta with a magical green sparkle overload."

I've been wanting to try this shade for a while, so it was really great to finally get it as a pressed shadow. It's a dark magenta with green sparkle, and I can't wait to see what it pairs well with.

Stranger Danger - "A blue based violet base with a pinky gold duochrome and copper sparkles."

This shade is exclusive to the pressed shadows, it is not available in a loose form. This shade definitely has some blue undertones to it, but also kind of looks like a steely gunmetal shade. Very interesting, it takes on different undertones depending on the light, and I bet what colors it's paired with as well.

Here are all of them in a palette together. The pans are magnetic, so I just popped them out of the quads and put them all in my own palette.

Overall, I knew the pressed shadows would impress me because I tried one in the OTM and it was amazing. I absolutely couldn't wait for these to release and I love them all. My favorites are Blend.Blend.Blend., Heedless Heart, Mannequin, Outtie 5000, Reckless Devotion, and Stranger Danger. And the Orange Is The New... set was a little less impressive than I had anticipated, but they are all quality products, and will definitely be a nice addition to my collection. I think my favorite from that set might actually be Mrs. Bennett which I didn't expect, since it's a matte shadow. But I think it will be really versatile. I would highly recommend you check out the pressed shadows, they are all great quality and I can't wait for more colors.

Customer Service - I realized right after I placed my order that it was cheaper to buy the pressed shadows in a palette rather than get them all in clamshells. I quickly emailed Vanessa, and after a few emails back and forth, she put 12 of my shadows in 3 palettes, and one in a clamshell. She refunded the extra I paid, and they were meticulously packed and sent.

Availability - The OITN... set is permanent, and so are the pressed shadows. Some of the pressed shadows and the quad are currently out of stock, but are getting a restock on Monday June 15th.

Overall Satisfaction - My favorite from the OITN... set was Mrs. Bennett, and my favorite pressed shadows were Blend.Blend.Blend., Heedless Heart, Mannequin, Outtie 5000, Reckless Devotion, and Stranger Danger.

What did you think of the Glamour Doll Eyes Orange Is The New... Set and Pressed Shadows? Let me know in the comments!

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