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June 3, 2015

Planner Wednesdays: PBnJ Paperie Review

PBnJ Paperie is this week's Planner Wednesdays post! I ordered from this shop what feels like forever ago, but they have some unique stickers in rainbow colors, and especially a lot of little icon stickers that can be used for just about anything.

I wanted to get some small stickers to denote blog writing posts, reading, and taking photos. I want to reiterate that these are very small, and all of these can be ordered in matte or glossy, or in custom colors.

Blogger Social Media Icons -

Instagram Social Media Icons -

YouTube Social Media Icons -

I purchased all of these stickers as matte, and once I got them, I just wasn't really sure how to use them. I might use them to accent my to do list tasks, but I've kind of changed the way I plan to be able to use these. If I were to purchase these again, I would have liked to get the flag stickers instead of the icons, but they didn't have that shape in all of the designs I wanted.

Free Samples -

I received this order right around Easter and the beginning of spring, so this little sample sheet was perfect for that time.

Overall, I enjoyed my buying experience from PBnJ Paperie and would consider purchasing from this shop again. I do like that there are lots of ways to customize the stickers, you can pick matte or glossy, go with the rainbow colors, or customize with your own colors. But these sheets are very small, and for $5 I think they are a bit too expensive for what you get. They did ship very quickly after I placed my order, only 4 days later.

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