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July 1, 2015

Planner Wednesdays: Oh Hello Stationery July Subscription Review

Oh Hello Stationery is another sticker shop that offers a monthly subscription, and you can choose between doing only one month, or doing three months. I managed to grab a three month subscription for July, August, and September, so I will review those as they get here. But today I have July's! Unfortunately, August's already sold out, and the shop is closed until July 16th. They go up for sale on the first of the month, usually at 9 AM EST, which is a bit of a bummer for us west coast people. That's so early!

This month's theme was Soak Up the Rays.

So far, this is the only sticker subscription I've received with an info card. It's got great information about it. A little description, the names of the sticker sheets, along with the price points of each. Very handy, I wish more planner subscriptions did this. It also notes which stickers are a new thing, and will come to the shop soon, and which ones are already available.

Mini Geocaching - ($2)

I've geocached before, but it's not a hobby of mine. But maybe B and I can go again so I can use these.

Home Improvement - ($3)

I do not own a home, so these may be a little useless for me. If I'm still into planning by the time I am a home owner though, these will definitely get some use!

Mini Weather Set - ($3.50)

I don't track the weather in my planner only because usually the weather is always the same. Hot in the summer, and cool with no rain in the winter. But maybe I can use them for trips or vacations, as I have a few planned this summer.

Appointment Labels - ($3)

Kayla always loves using similar appointment labels from another sticker shop in her YouTube Plan with Me videos, so it's no surprise she eventually made her own. I like these because they can be used for just about anything, and the bright colors are very fun.

Pattern Half Boxes - ($3)

I always love these kind of half boxes where they are very easy to write in the middle, but still have cute designs. I will absolutely be using all of these.

Nautical Set - ($3)

And the last sheet is a decorative sheet with sea creatures on it. I've already kind of got stickers for the rest of summer, so I might save these for next June and do a blue and yellow week!

Overall, I really enjoyed my first Oh Hello Stationery subscription, and I'm really glad I was able to grab three months. It's $15/month, or $45 for three months. I love that there's a theme, an info card, lots of functional but cute stickers, and a few decoration stickers as well. It looks like July's subscription had a total value of $17.50 which isn't bad, but it seems weird that the weather sheet had a higher value than the bigger sheets. Otherwise, I loved it, and I can't wait to see next month's subscription!

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