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July 19, 2011

New Kitchen Appliances Have Arrived!

So my parents' new stainless steel kitchen appliances finally arrived and have been installed! I'm so excited to start using them with many more blog posts. I took some before and after photos for you to enjoy along with me!


After we got the old ones out, the microwave took all three of us to remove!




Inside of the fridge
The fridge isn't exactly stainless steel, but a platinum finish. My mom decided on that since it doesn't show fingerprints as much as the steel, and it's magnetic so we can put all our clips and magnetics on there. The fridge was also quite the adventure to get into the kitchen. They took off the doors, and it still wouldn't fit through the kitchen opening! So the awesome delivery and installation guys from Lowe's lifted it up and over the counter! My mom was freaking out, thinking they were going to drop it or something, but everything worked out fine. 

We now have 2 ice makers, filtered water on the door which is nice since our last ice and water maker on the door didn't work. And with 2 ice makers, we can easily fill coolers as we do that quite often, so that will be nice. The dishwasher is soo much quieter than our old one, which will be a nice silence. 

I'm making some salmon tonight, so look out for that!

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