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November 8, 2012

Update (Please forgive my lack of recent posts!)

Sorry everyone that I've been so behind on posting these lately. I've been busy with two jobs, working on NaNoWriMo this month, reading books for two book clubs, getting the site up and running on my own domain (as you may have noticed!), using my only days off each week to go see my boyfriend and going on food adventures, faster than I can post them. 

It's safe to say I have no time to cook anymore, and with working in retail and having the holidays coming up fast, I really won't have time. Say goodbye to free time (or as I like to call it, a life), and hello to 40 hour work weeks, and that's just the one job. I'll probably be doing another 12+ hour work day on Black Friday, like I did last year. I believe the plan this year is like I did last year, where I'll be in charge of Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner. It was a lot of fun last year, so I hope to do it again this year.

I did finally purchase my first DSLR camera, the Canon T4i, so look forward to those pictures starting with my Portland trip post. Hopefully, I can get that up soon. Even though I don't have much time to cook, I've been trying a lot of delicious restaurants in the San Francisco Bay Area, so that's coming up as well.

I hope you can forgive my lack of posts, and look forward to ones I have been collecting for a few months to slowly make their way on here. Here's a cute picture of my cat to tide you over. She looks adorable and innocent, but in the photo she's digging her claws deep into my arm because I'm not petting her : D

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