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May 18, 2014

Urban Decay Naked 1 Palette Review

I just collected a bunch of makeup palettes, so I wanted to do some reviews for them! Yes, the Urban Decay Naked 1 Palette has been out for years now, but it will always hold a special place in my (small) makeup collection because it was the first eyeshadow palette I bought, my first Urban Decay product, and my first mid-range priced makeup item!

I remember back in my teenage years going to Ulta and seeing the Urban Decay section, it was all the bright crazy glitter colors they used to be known for, and now they have arguably the top three selling neutral eyeshadow palettes on the market. I really like what they've done with the Naked brand, it's almost universally recognizable, and so many people love and own the products. So good on them for reinventing themselves, and you can still buy some of their crazy colors in single eyeshadow form or in their new Electric Palette (which I want, so much!)

I bought this palette back when it first came out (or close to release), back when I barely wore makeup ever. I didn't wear it because I didn't have any. I picked out the Naked palette because I thought it would be a great way to get a bunch of colors all at once, and I remember thinking to myself this would be all I would ever need for eyeshadow...boy was I wrong!

Excuse the mess I've made of mine, it's had a lot of use and travelled with me almost everywhere. 

See how much use I've gotten out of this palette? It's pretty dirty and some of the colors have pretty big dents taken out of them. When I originally bought this, it came in a kit with a sample of their Eyeshadow Primer Potion. It also normally comes with a brush, mine was busy keeping my makeup company. It's actually quite a nice brush, so if you're like I was back when I bought this and had no makeup brushes, the brush it comes with isn't bad to use. It's good quality and I used to use it for all parts of my eye looks.

The palette itself is fairly sturdy, but it's covered in velvet which attracts all the dirt and dust to the outside. The lid has a magnetic closure, and I've never had a problem traveling  with it, it stays shut pretty well. The mirror inside is ok, but it's a little small. The Naked 2 and 3 palettes have a bigger mirror that takes up the whole inside flap, and they are plastic construction and have actual latch closures instead of a magnet. Those are a little more durable, but I worry the latches could be easily broken, where as the magnet is probably not going to break.

I believe the price has gone up since I bought mine, I think it used to be $52 but all the Urban Decay Naked Palettes are now $54, those sneaks!

Colors L to R: Virgin, Sin, Naked, Sidecar, Buck, Half Baked, Smog, Darkhorse, Toasted, Hustle, Creep, and Gunmetal.

You can see which colors are my favorite, Sin, Toasted and Hustle are my go to colors for most eye looks, sometimes I use Virgin instead of Sin as my under brow highlighter color. Sidecar is very nice as an all over day look. I rarely use the brown shades or the dark blue gunmetal shades at the end. I really should though, they are very pretty. I've never used Gunmetal and when I was swatching it, I was like "Oh, this is so pretty!" So I'll have to find a way to get some use out of those colors.

Colors L to R with primer, 2 swipes: Virgin, Sin, Naked, Sidecar, Buck, Half Baked, Smog, Darkhorse, Toasted, Hustle, Creep, and Gunmetal.

I'm representing the super pale toned skin ladies out there! Sometimes when I'm looking up swatches of products I can never find anyone with really pale skin so here it is! I'm usually the lightest shade for all face products, foundation, powder, whatever the brand just give me the lightest shade they have, that's usually my color hah!

Virgin - Great as a brow highlighter color, it's a very pale pinkish skin tone color, with some sheen. There's no glitter in it, but it's definitely got a slight sheen.

Sin - I also use this color as a brow highlight color, this is a little darker pink also with some sheen.

Naked - This is a matte light brown/blonde color. I don't use this one as much, but it would make a good crease color. Swiping it on my finger it almost matches my skin tone, just a tiny bit darker.

Sidecar - This is a light metallic rose gold color, with glitter in it. It does have some fallout, but I like using it as an all-over eye look color some days.

Buck - This is a matte warm brown, almost looks like a bronzer color. 

Half Baked - Metallic gold, with some fallout. This one looks good paired with Smog and/or Darkhorse. This is the only shade that is also in the Naked 2 Palette.

Smog - This is a dark metallic copper brown color, a tiny bit of fallout, but still very creamy and smooth.

Darkhorse - This is a dark cool brown, with a slight gold sheen to it.

Toasted - This is a rosy metallic copper color, and my absolute favorite of the palette. Looks amazing with Hustle, or by itself. This is probably the color I'll (eventually) hit pan on first.

Hustle - This is a dark purple, almost brown looking shade with some sheen.

Creep - This is a dark gunmetal gray with some small silver glitter in it. This is the least pigmented of the bunch, it looks much darker in the pan. Would be great paired with Gunmetal for a smokey eye look.

Gunmetal - This is a dark grayish blue with silver glitter. I don't ever use this color, but it is gorgeous so I'll have to try and come up with a look for it. It does have a little fallout.

As always with Urban Decay products, the quality and pigmentation of these eyeshadows is very good, they're all so creamy and smooth, with only a few colors that have minimal fallout. But that can happen with colors that are super pigmented as these are. I think if you're just getting your first palette, or first neutral palette this one is a great one to start out with, it has a great range of cool and warm shades, pinks, to browns, to dark grays and blues.

This palette is $54 and can be found in many stores and online retailers, including

Do you have the Urban Decay Naked 1 Palette? How do you like it and what are your favorite shades? Let me know in the comments! $15 off $75 purchase

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