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June 3, 2014

Blog Update June 3rd

Hi everyone, last month's update seemed to go over well, so I thought this might be nice to do at the beginning of the month! Give you an idea of what to expect for June, and get your feedback about what you want to see reviewed!

I just started that #100happydays project on my Instagram, so follow me there for photos everyday of basically more stuff I already post: food, nails, cats, and probably some boxes! Here's up through day 5:

Product Reviews I'm working on/plan to write - These take some time, especially the palettes. I want to be able to give tips on looks to do with them, and get time with each or most shades.
  • A bunch of theBalm palette reviews
  • Some Urban Decay palettes and products
  • A Fortune Cookie Soap gift set
  • Some Too Faced items and palettes
  • A few other miscellaneous products
  • A Kate Spade purse
  • B and I just bought a Nespresso as our birthday present to each other. As soon as we get some time to play with it, I want to do a review.
Subscription Boxes I'm Waiting to Arrive
  • 5 (yes 5) May Bergdorf Goodman Glossyboxes. It's a long story as to why I don't have these yet, but basically I'm pretty ticked about it. They still haven't even shipped, but will all apparently be the same products so yippy, 5 of the same products. Could be a blessing or a curse depending on what I get. And I think they are sending me Bergdorf Goodman gift cards that don't expire until July 15th instead of June 15th so that's good.
  • June Rainbow Honey Mystery Bag, I subscribed so I should be getting this soon
  • June Julep Maven Box, mine shipped DHL this!
  • June Wantable Makeup box
  • June Birchbox Man, with B's review of it
Subscription Boxes I'm Expecting in June
  • June Ipsy Bag, along with the two Jouer glosses they had as point rewards so hopefully I can do a swatch review of those.
  • June Birchbox, so far I'm back down to one box for June. I was going to resub on my other two accounts, but they are being stingy with the 100 point codes for subscriptions lately, so I decided to wait for one of those. Plus, the June products don't interest me a ton.
  • Rainbow Honey Summer Treats box
  • Birchbox Modern Mermaid Limited Edition Box, I already ordered mine! I can't wait for this one!
  • June Tyler Florence Fancy Box
I think that's mostly everything! Which of these are you most looking forward to seeing? Let me know in the comments!

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