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July 25, 2014

Blog and Personal Update: July 25th

This is going to be both a blog and a personal update on a few things, where do I even start? Well, let's sandwich the bad stuff with fun and exciting stuff shall we?

Secret Project!: I'm still not ready to reveal what it is I'm working on, but it's coming along! Some things are working out great, some are lessons in having things not work out the way you expected! But, overall I'm having a lot of fun with it, and working on it everyday. I'm hoping to be able to announce this sometime in August, and the very latest September. But ultimately, I'm super excited about it, and I can't wait to finally be able to share it with you!

No Buy :( So, as I've said before, my project is going to require some money. Which I have, but I was recently let go from my contractor job for budget reasons. It was an amicable parting, but the company I was working for just didn't see the benefit to our department and let everyone but our superiors go. There's a possibility we will be hired back down the road, but I don't have high hopes for that.

So, I need to go on a no buy for August. If you haven't heard of a low or no buy, it's just that, basically you set limits for your spending, and hopefully succeed in your goal. I am setting myself on a no buy with the exception of certain things:

  • My August Birchbox is already paid for, not a problem with that. If you haven't heard though, they have made some changes to their policy and no longer allow you to use points to redeem for gift cards. It was how many of us were flipping points to other accounts, and because gift cards don't expire, but the points do, it was a nice way to eternally keep your points. I have already cancelled my other alternative accounts, and for now I'm keeping my one account. This may change though if they make other policy changes, as I've had many problems with shipping and problems with orders. They have had months to correct these shipping issues, but still have not.
  • August's Ipsy bag, which I have decided is going to be my last. I know some of you were very sad to hear I was thinking of canceling, but don't you worry! I will still do spoilers every month! Just no bag review. I have been happier lately with my bags, but I just find more faults with the service than should warrant paying $10/month for. I've probably emailed them with more problems and concerns than any other company I purchase things from.
  • Furniture, storage, moving things! I am planning on moving at the beginning of September, B and I are finally getting an apartment together (again!), so I will probably need new furniture and the like for that. There's definitely going to be an Ikea haul, but from our old apartment we had together in San Diego, we actually have most of what we need. But I want to get a new desk possibly, and definitely some Alex storage drawers. I think the only big thing is a couch, but we may be getting a nice one as a moving-in gift.
Luckily, my no buy should actually not effect reviews of boxes in any way, because I may or may not have ordered 7 or so boxes that will be arriving throughout the month. And that doesn't even include my Birchbox, Ipsy, or Rainbow Honey Mystery Bag. I skipped my Julep box again this month, and will be doing so again next month. Unfortunately, I am just a little polished out, and $20 for two polishes and a product I don't like is too much for me. 

Expected Boxes/Reviews: As usual I'll give you a list of box reviews I hope to post in August. I am a little behind on July and I really want to catch up as there will be a menagerie of boxes around here pretty soon:
  • My three July Birchboxes. I don't know how the time got away from me on these, but I have taken photos, I just need to write the reviews!
  • My August Birchbox and Ipsy. Obviously!
  • Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab perfume samples
  • A Glamour Doll Eyes shadow review. I bought a bunch in a big sale they had.
  • An order from Haus of Gloi. They are an Indie bath and body product company.
  • Fortune Cookie Soap Fall Box! So excited for this one to arrive. The theme for Fall is "Witch, Please!" with some fun Fall scents!
  • Memebox Special #24 Brightening Skin Care
  • Memebox Special #25 Traveller's Beauty Kit
  • Memebox Special #22 2014 K-Beauty Wrap-Up #1
  • Memebox Special #20 Super Food Box
  • Memebox Superbox #41 My Cute Wishlist
  • Memebox Superbox #43 2014 F/W Colors
I don't know if all those Memeboxes will for sure arrive in August as I got expedited shipping on some, and others could take 2 weeks to arrive after being shipped, but we'll see.

Wish me luck with my no buy, and if you have any must have new apartment furniture, storage or other items, let me know in the comments!

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