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July 24, 2014

Rainbow Honey July 2014 Mystery Bag Review

Rainbow Honey recently introduced a subscription bag, offering the mini or the large size Mystery Bag for $10 or $25 per month respectively. It seems they will still be offering the one-off monthly Mystery Bags as well. It's a great way to try their new products first, because they get released in the Mystery Bag before they are sold separately on the site. Each version includes 3 completely new polish colors, and a few other beauty products that are new as well.

The Mystery Bags are shipped via USPS, and this month's arrived in 5 days from New Jersey to California.

This tiny little package is so cute every month! I just love the graphic sticker they put on them, so adorable.

Here's the info card with all the products in this month's bag. As usual, I'll post the product sizes for both the mini and the large bag. I got the mini again this month.

Midori Cooling Gel - (1 oz/4 oz) I haven't tried this yet, because I haven't really been out in the sun. It's one of those products you hope you don't have to use, but is always great to have when you do. Pro-fair-skinned-easily-burned tip: Put this in the refrigerator, that way it's extra cool when you do need to apply. I used to keep our aloe gel in the fridge when I lived in San Diego, and it was a god-send!

Midori Cuticle Balm - (.15 oz) I've got a few of these cuticle balms now, and I do like them. Less messy than the cuticle oil they have, and easier to apply.

Midori Perfume Rollerball - (4 ml/12 ml) They changed the bottles they use for these a month or two ago, and I have to say, I like this design much better. The label used to only be on the bottom so it was annoying to have to flip it over to see which one you had. Now the label is right on the side and much easier to see. I really like this scent. These rollerballs don't seem to last very long on me, but I really like the melon scent this month. Definitely a new favorite.

Chemical Plant - (5 ml/15 ml) "Sparkling magenta/violet with sparks of blue and gold shimmer"; I like this one, definitely can be opaque with 2-3 coats, but we just got a bag with all pinks in it. Maybe stay away from more pink for a while. To me, it looks like the glitter from Rose Macaron we got in last month's bag.

Viridis - (5 ml/15 ml) "Neon green stars accented by pastel glitters in a shimmery base"; This is more of a glitter top coat, the base doesn't actually seem to have a color. It might be fun over a pastel purple creme, or over a neon green.

Deep Heart Sea - (5 ml/15 ml) "White hearts and neon glitters in a sheer blue base with purple shimmer"; This is more of a jelly and would look great over an opaque blue that's the same shade as the base of this. This polish is jam-packed with glitter and I love the little white hearts.

Overall, I liked the scent for this month, and I like Viridis and Deep Heart Sea, but I'm not a fan of another pink right after an all pink month. I can't wait to see some darker fall shades soon, I hope we get anything other than pink next month.

What do you think of the July Mystery Bag? Let me know in the comments! 

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  1. I layered Viridis over Julep's Tatum and it looked amazing and I got compliments but the Tatum stained my nails really badly (it was my first time using it) despite 2 base coats. I was sunburned when I got the bag so I was super thankful!

    1. Ooh that is a pretty combo! I'll have to try that :)

  2. I loved this month, I put deep heart sea over Julep linden...perfect color match to my eyes.

    I put Viridis over Zoya Binx. Wasn't happy with the stars though...they wouldn't lay flat and those points were like sharp daggers.

    1. More pretty combos! Bigger glitter pieces always seem to have that problem for me. What a pain!


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