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September 5, 2014

Memebox Scentbox #6 Sweet Shop Review

This was the third box in the Memebox Scentbox bundle, Scentbox #6 Sweet Shop. So far, my favorite was the Tropical Fruits box, but this one is in second place. I had this review almost done and then for some reason Blogger did some weird stuff and it got deleted. So I'm going to shorten it a little. Because I've been carrying this box around the house with me trying to finish the review the second time and I just got discouraged. So, if you would like to know more about the products or how to use, just check out the info card photos.

This box was shipped in a bundle via DHL Express and arrived in 5 days from Korea to California.

Pure Smile Jewelry Scrub Glitter Sugar Scrub in Sapphire - (100ml full size/$8)

I don't really know if the different gemstones are supposed to smell differently because mine just mostly smells like sugar. I like sugar scrubs though, and I tested a little of this on my hand. It was a nice mild scrub, not too rough, so I'll probably be digging into this once my current scrub runs out.

Hello Everybody Vita Berry Shampoo - (220ml full size/$23)

This smells heavenly I love the berry scent. And it's perfect because I just ran out of shampoo over at B's, so I'll be taking this with me when I go over there. It smells mostly of strawberries, and really who doesn't want their hair smelling like that? I certainly do!

Hope Girl Tinted Lip Balm in Strawberry - (5g full size/$12)

The scent of strawberries isn't as strong as the shampoo, but it's faintly sweet and a very light pink tint. I like the packaging on this, although I've heard that some don't really care for Hope Girl products, but I like this balm. It goes on like a gloss almost, and makes my lips just the perfect shade of pink. I don't think I have another lip product that's close to this color, so this will be perfect for when I want a slight tint, but nothing dramatic. It's very creamy and easy to get onto your finger. I've had other jar balms that were just so dry and impossible to get any out, but this one is very easy, you only need a couple swipes before your lips feel moisturized!

Pure Smile Choosy Lip Pack Shining in White Pearl and Pink Pearl - (3ml x 2ea/$5)

The photos on the front of the package just make me giggle, and I'm a little confused as to why there's a photo of the back of the package of these placed over a lady's boobs? I can't read Korean so I have no idea what that's about! But my lips are chapped pretty much year round, so if these work I'll be happy!

Overall,  this box had a total value of $48 and while I don't think it's as good as the Tropical Fruits Scentbox was, but still good. I will use everything in the box, and I was actually really surprised by how much I liked the Hope Girl Lip Tint. And the shampoo came at a great time!

What did you think of the Scentbox #6 Sweet Shop box? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. HAHA I know right? The boob picture cracked me up too. I don't think the sugar scrubs are scented differently because mine just smelled like sugar too. With maybe a touch of some powdery smell. Ooh I wanted the lip balm in strawberry too! But I got cherry instead :( Ahh, I'll live. Even though three of the items are from the played out brands I'm actually pretty happy with this box :)

    1. Yeah it wasn't a bad box. I was glad that even though there was Pure Smile, the scrub wasn't a $1 item.


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