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October 4, 2014

Indie Weekends: The Great Indie Potluck Package of Pretties Reveal

This is a very special edition of Indie Weekends, as I received a jam-packed package of indie pretties in the mail, and I'm here to reveal everything I received! I will do swatches and a full review of everything hopefully by next weekend. Let me give you a little back story about this. A few of the indie cosmetics enthusiasts over on Makeuptalk and I, got together and decided to do an Indie Potluck, specifically The Great Indie Potluck!
Our Facebook group banner I made :)
Basically the rules were to spend $5-6/person on indie products, send them to the designated coordinator, coordinator packaged them all up for everyone, and sent them out to us. For instance, there were 9 of us, I contributed my products, and bought 8 of an item I already had, and 9 of other items I didn't already have. It didn't have to be one item for $5-6 either, it was just total. I think a lot of us used that as a way to maximize the awesome! It was free range for what you wanted to buy, but we told our coordinator before we purchased it, just to make sure we weren't all buying the same thing, and we made a Google doc before hand of the products we already had, so that everyone could buy new products for everyone. We decided the rules as we went, and just communicated with each other in our Facebook group we made. It was also decided that any samples that came with the purchase someone made, would go back to that same person.

It took a little longer than expected to purchase everything and receive it all, but I think it was worth the wait! We were missing one of our group members items, because of some unforeseen circumstances, but hopefully I can just include them in the swatch and review post. Our coordinator was awesome enough to send us our packages 2-day Priority, and we just Paypaled her our packages shipping cost. It just arrived yesterday, and I am ecstatic! Buckle in, this will be a long post!

Here's everything before I unwrapped it all! So much stuff! I couldn't wait to dig in!

We all wrote up little blurbs for why we picked each item we picked, and my inspiration was Fall shades. At least for the shadows, I was thinking, deep berry, olive green, dark red, pumpkin orange, that sort of thing. And I knew I wanted a perfume, because at the time of ordering, I was one of the first that had dove into the perfume, and then I also wanted something from a company none of us had tried yet. And I think it all perfectly worked out for what I ordered, the colors arrived just in time for Fall, and one is perfect for Halloween, but some of the things I ordered are no longer available.
Detrivore Endearment, Shiro Glowstick of Destiny, Shiro I Understood That Reference, Shiro Lingered In Twilight, Shiro The Last Homely House, and Shiro Zora Sapphire
Abby's Items:

Detrivore Blush Endearment - "Matte greyed lavender."

Shiro Cosmetics Glowstick of Destiny - "Muted Tesseract blue with strong golden duo chrome."

Shiro Cosmetics I Understood That Reference - "Deep patriotic blue with red duochrome and subtle white sparkles."

Shiro Cosmetics Lingered In Twilight - "A twilit forest: blackened blue and green tones with slightly metallic shimmer."

Shiro Cosmetics The Last Homely House - "A rustic cabin tucked deep in the woods: reddened brown with strong forest green shimmer."

Shiro Cosmetics Zora Sapphire - "Deep teal with very strong green shimmer."

Abby picked items from Shiro because it was her first foray into indie products. She wanted to chose colors that weren't generally talked about, but were still a lot of fun! She recommended using a foiling medium on Lingered in Twilight and Zora Sapphire to turn them into eyeliners. And Glowstick of Destiny, I Understood That Reference and The Last Homely House, she picked because they were interesting and unique duochromes. The Endearment blush she picked purely because it was a lavender blush!

Glamour Doll Eyes Heedless Heart, Burlesque, and Pretty & Polished Watermelong Solid Sugar Scrub
Dani's Items:

Glamour Doll Eyes Heedless Heart - "Heedless Heart is an almost metallic rose gold."

Glamour Doll Eyes Burlesque - "Burlesque is deep shimmery purple with blue and green sparkles."

Pretty & Polished Watermelon Solid Sugar Scrub - "The watermelon scent is strong and fresh and sure to give you sweet thoughts of summer!"

Dani decided on some items from Glamour Doll Eyes because it was her first indie favorite brand. Burlesque is her favorite purple ever, and she also included a bath and body item because she was our coordinator and knew we were lacking bath and body items! So she picked the Pretty & Polished Watermelon Solid Sugar Scrub, which I can't wait to try! Because Mari already had these shadows, Dani customized hers with Glamour Doll Eyes Hollywood Affair blush, and the Jailbreak shadow.

Aromaleigh Ambre and Talisman, Life's Entropy Apoptosis, Haus of Gloi Komodo, Shiro Steve O'Lantern and Task Force
My Items:

Aromaleigh Ambre - "Rich deep golden olive brown with highlights of pink."

Aromaleigh Talisman - "Talisman is a deep, vivid burgundy with smoke undertones and a brilliant red luster."
Aromaleigh Superstition - "Superstition is a deep indigo purple shade with sparkles of blue and garnet."

At the time I ordered, Aromaleigh was moving websites, and discontinued many shadows and placed everything being discontinued on a 50% off sale. And since I had a little left in my budget, I figured I may as well get some $0.50 eyeshadow samples! I had a little hitch in my plan when the owner of Aromaleigh emailed me and notified me that there were not actually 9 Talisman samples left. That was the original color I picked out. So I said to pick out something for the remaining 9 shadows I needed that reminded her of Fall. We ended up with some people getting Talisman, and some got Superstition. Ambre was the olive green color I picked. 

Haus of Gloi Komodo perfume - "Mangosteen, Tahitian vanilla bean, dragons blood resin and faded tropical blooms."

I did a poll from everyone participating and asked what kinds of scents they liked. The majority said fruity, and I tried this perfume beforehand and thought it was the perfect limited edition perfume for fruity scents, but also could work for people who liked other kinds of scents too. Plus, it was a limited edition Summer collection scent, so I snatched it up before they were gone.

One problem though, they didn't have 8 samples left. So I bought a full size bottle, and asked Matt from Haus of Gloi if I could get some sample labels for it so I could decant myself. He obliged, and when I opened my package, he had included the sample vials, and a dropper as well. I thought that was so sweet of him, and it meant that I actually spent less on the decanted samples than what the regular sample would have cost from Haus of Gloi. I feel silly, because I thought I would need 2 full size bottles to fill 8 samples, but it turned out I only needed 1. So I have another full size bottle completely full. That's ok, I like the scent.

Life's Entropy Lip Theory in Apoptosis - "A vibrant, medium orange coral."

This was the item I got from a company none of us had tried yet, Life's Entropy is a fairly new company but I heard their Lip Theories are great. I picked out a beautiful coral color that I thought would work well for everyone in our group.

Shiro Cosmetics Steve O'Lantern - "Medium pumpkin-orange with metallic gold highlights."

Shiro Cosmetics Task Force - "Shimmery deep red-toned purple."

These two samples from Shiro were my attempt to getting something from Shiro that everyone didn't already have, and stick to my Fall colors theme. I wanted to go for an olive green, but most of the ones I liked, a few people in our group already had. So I went with a berry purple, and a coppery pumpkin orange. And it's even better for us now, because Task Force is being discontinued, but full size jars are guaranteed to be available until November 1st. If someone liked their sample, they could still get a full size jar!

Notoriously Morbid Gilded Mirror, Sweet Tea Apothecary Remy, Glamour Doll Eyes Melancholy, and Fyrinnae Glamorous Rebel
Rachel's Items:

Notoriously Morbid Gilded Mirror - "A plum/mauve base with an airy gold overlay."

Sweet Tea Apothecary Remy perfume - "Notes: Saffron, Sandalwood, Honey, Lavender, Amber, Vanilla"

Glamour Doll Eyes Melancholy - *Discontinued* "Melancholy is a true blue color with low sheen."

Fyrinnae Lip Lustre in Glamorous Rebel - "Bright, rich cherry red."

In our Facebook group there were a lot of questions to try and help pick out the perfect items for everyone. Everyone agreed on rose golds, so Rachel picked Notoriously Morbid's Gilded Mirror for that reason, but also because it's one of her favorite brands. She blindly checked out Sweet Tea Apothecary, and picked out the perfume Remy for us. It smells lovely already, I can't wait to test it out for the review post! And the Fyrinnae Lip Lustre in Glamorous Rebel was chosen because it is one of their most popular shades. And the Glamour Doll Eyes shadow was randomly chosen for all of us, I got Melancholy. Rachel won a giveaway so that's why she included those bonus shadows for us.

Innocent+Twisted Alchemy Remnants of Life, Kiss My Sass Party Girl and Juicy Peach Blush
Mandi's Items:

Innocent+Twisted Alchemy Remnants of Life - *Discontinued* "Remnants of Life is a chocolate brown with a rainbow of sparkles."

Kiss My Sass Lip Tint in Party Girl - "Cool toned pink"

Kiss My Sass Juicy Peach Blush - "A juicy peach with a pretty glow."

Mandi picked her items because she wanted to include a face, eye, and lip product, so we got a random sample from Innocent+Twisted Alchemy, I got Remnants of Life, which is discontinued. And she picked items from Kiss My Sass because they have a fast turnaround time, and Juicy Peach blush was recommended as a good color for a variety of skin tones.

Sugar Skull Minerals Aloha, April, Back-Sass, Go Fish!, Karma, Penny Pincher, Pot O' Gold, Spin The Bottle, Sugar Bear, Sushi, Under The Bleachers, and Velocity 
Jessica's Items:

Sugar Skull Minerals Aloha Blush - "Mauve/coral blend with minimal gold reflects."

Sugar Skull Minerals April - "Matte light pink with a shifting gold highlight."

Sugar Skull Minerals Back-Sass - "Minty pastel green with violet duochrome and holographic glitter."

Sugar Skull Minerals Go Fish! - "Vivid orange with gold sheen and orange glitter."

Sugar Skull Minerals Karma - "Golden yellow highlight with chartreuse reflects."

Sugar Skull Minerals Penny Pincher - "Shimmery copper with burnt orange reflects."

Sugar Skull Minerals Pot O' Gold - "Metallic gold with a slight copper base and green reflects."

Sugar Skull Minerals Spin The Bottle - "A complex duochrome. A taupe/purple/brown base with blue/teal/green shift as well as copper/gold glitter."

Sugar Skull Minerals Sugar Bear - "Neutral gold with pink shift as well as tons of gold and copper reflects."

Sugar Skull Minerals Sushi - "Matte black base with red sheen and lots of chartreuse reflects ."

Sugar Skull Minerals Under The Bleachers - "Highly metallic ruby red with rose and gold reflects."

Sugar Skull Minerals Velocity - "Purple with mauve undertones with indigo and peach reflects."

Jessica included a giant grab bag of shadows and products from Sugar Skull Minerals, and I was blown away by how much the owner included for us! I also love the little skull themed bag they were all packaged in! She picked this company because they are different from all the other companies everyone seems to talk about, and from the first look, I'm already excited to throw these all over my face!

Hello Waffle Fey and Lust, Scaredy Cat Kid You Not, and Kiss My Sass Honeymoon
Mari's Items:

Hello Waffle Cosmetics Fey - "Shimmering golden apricot with rosy undertones."

Hello Waffle Cosmetics Lust - "Dark berry with purple and blue shifts."

Scaredy Cat Cosmetics Kid You Not"Intense matte red with micro shimmer."

Kiss My Sass Cream Highlighter Honeymoon - "Light silvery pink"

Mari originally picked items from Hello Waffle, specifically their shade Ethereal Voice because it is one of her holy grail indie products. And Fey was another raved about shade, so she was able to get that one for us as well. But because I already had Ethereal Voice, she got me the shade Lust instead! I love how customized we made some of our selections, so fun! Mari also did more customization with the Scaredy Cat shadows, and got us each the color that matched what we said was our favorite color! I said red, so I got a red shadow. I can't wait to see what I can come up with for this. And the last item from from Kiss My Sass, in Mari's favorite product category, highlighters! So based on what skin tones we said we had (cool toned for me) we got a highlighter for our skin tone. Honeymoon was the shade for the cool toned, and Moonbeam went to the warm toned.

Fyrinnae Meerkat, and Lalalita Body Co. Butter Pecan Lip Balm
Laura's Items:

Fyrinnae Meerkat - "Vibrant pink-purple with gold shimmer and sparkle highlight."

Lalalita Body Co. Lick My Lips Butter Pecan Lip Balm - "Simply put: here's the scent of fresh brown sugar. Think of baking cookies, and pies cooling in a windowsill; the rich, warm scent of autumn; pecans tossed in brown sugar and given to you in a paper bag."

Laura picked Fyrinnae Meerkat because it is a gorgeous purplish/mauve with a golden shimmer that will knock our socks off! And she picked the lip balms from Lalalita Body Co because they looked too delicious not to get! Everyone got a different flavor, but mine was Butter Pecan! I basically opened this thing as soon as I got this package, and it tastes delicious. Just like fresh baked cookies. I can't wait to see what everyone else's flavor is!

Here's everything! I still can't believe how fun and awesome this exchange was, we got to know each other through a common interest and share our favorites. I would do this again in a heartbeat, and now that it's over, I'm already wanting to do this for Christmas! Maybe as a Secret Santa?! Ladies?! I know you're reading this ;)

It's safe to say I would definitely recommend this to you and your friends who all love indies, even if it's internet friends. We made it work, and even though it took longer than we anticipated, it had such a great payoff, and now we are indie friends for life!

If you'd like to see the full review of the products I received, and swatches, stay tuned I'll hopefully have that up by next weekend!


  1. I am dying a little bit of a slow death over here. Last night the "man of the moment" was thinking he needed my undivided attention, so no playing wiht the pretties. Then my Royals had to take their game into overtime for the third night this week. And I had to get up this morning and head in to the office becuase I am so far behind from last weeks vacation. And Mr. "man of the moment" thinks I need to spend the rest of my weekend helping him do stuff in my yard and garage. When oh when will I get to play with all of these? I did sneak some of the Sugar Skull Minerals on this morning, almost blindly. I am loving Sushi as a liner. The blush and other shadow colors I tried are different from what you received, but so far I am liking my intro to this brand. I also slapped on some honeymoon hihglighter, I am hoping these highlighters can give my beloved NARS Illuminators a run for their money. Party Girl is on my lips and I am trying Remy today too. This has been so much fun. I really like how some of these selections will challenge me to get out of my color comfort zone, yet at the same time I can really see how they will all just work for me. Hello blues and greens. Welcome to my eyes! I would love to do something for Christmas too. We could pick a theme or go Secret Santa style.

    1. You should tell Mr. Man that part of couple time will involve he helping you try all the pretties then! Lol I'm sure he'll give you your makeup time then!

  2. YES YES YES to secret santa!!! ;-)

    1. Haha, I'm already thinking in my head, hmm how can we basically do this all year long!


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