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March 14, 2015

Indie Weekends: Bath Sabbath Spring Collection Review

I loved the beard oils I got B from Bath Sabbath, that I had to sample the Spring Collection of perfumes! The beard oils were such great quality and the scents were so well blended that I knew I would probably enjoy the perfumes. Especially because most of the scents were gourmands, which tends to be a good indicator of overall perfume quality. If a company can produce good gourmands, they can usually handle just about any other kind of scent.

AboutBath Sabbath is a heavy metal indie bath and body shop, owned by Virginia, and based out of Southern California. They specialize in studded soap bars, beard oils and mustache waxes, perfume oils, and bath salts.

Shipping - My order shipped 6 days after I ordered. It arrived 3 days later via USPS from Southern California to Northern California.

Product Size - Sample perfumes are packaged in 1ml vials.

Free Samples - I received 2 free perfume samples with my order.

Once again, ignore that Sweet Cherry Pie is not in the photo. It was in with my free samples and I assumed it was just that. I swear, it's like I just started doing this yesterday...

Heart Of The Unicorn - "Notes of Lily of the Valley and fresh Gardenia blend with sweet citrus on an aquatic base. Basically, you're at a babbling brook with fresh flowers and orange trees when you're approached by a majestic Unicorn. That's what I was going for."

I love gardenia, so this is sort of a citrusy version of it. Definitely floral, citrus, and a bit of freshness to it. The orange is quite strong, and it tends to overpower the other notes. But the florals stay in the background making this more of a citrus scent than a floral one. On dry down, it balances out, and you can smell the florals more. And I just love the description for this one haha!

I Was Made For Loving You - "The refreshing scent of 100% pure Lavender and Vanilla Absolute. Without the bitter scent of denial when you refuse to admit disco KISS is wonderful."

Lavender chocolate! Or at least I think so. Maybe white chocolate? It's quite lovely, relaxing, and yummy smelling. Oh, it's vanilla I'm smelling with the lavender. Very good either way, it smells a little decadent. This is probably the best lavender vanilla perfume/scent I've ever smelled, so many others aren't as good a quality as this one.

Love Bites - "Notes of tart ale with a touch of Lemon on a base of ripe Raspberries, all rounded out by the sharp sting of loneliness."

Oooh this is really good. An amazing lemon raspberry perfume, it's tart, sweet, it smells like a yummy dessert. I cannot stress enough how well crafted these perfumes are, this just smells divine. And so accurate too, it really speaks to the quality of these scents.

Love Stinks - "Hints of rich Vanilla on a base of pure cocoa. And it's black, like your disposition and your rotting heart."

I get mostly cocoa out of this one, it's a good cocoa too. It reminds me of the smell of good quality hot chocolate, I like it. As it wears, the strength of the scent wears off quickly, but it doesn't seem to morph. Which is a good sign, it means the cocoa note is good quality.

Sacred Heart - "The sweet scent of Jasmine paired with classic Rose, and livened up with Bergamot and Lemon. A fresh, clean scent, definitely not your grandma's Rose."

Roses and I thought I smelled jasmine in there. You can pick out the citrusy lemon in it as well. It's like a fresh floral, which is interesting. Very feminine and the rose note is quite good.

Sweet Cherry Pie - "Notes of tart cherries on a base of vanilla and sugared almond. Smells exactly like those heart shaped lollipops you pass out on Valentine's Day!"

Wow, yeah I agree with the scent smelling like the heart shaped lollipops. Very cherry, but I can also pick out the almond as well. I've mentioned this before that many almond notes have a tendency to turn to cherry for me, but the fact that I can pick out each one separately is a testament to this scent. The cherry goes away quite quickly, so you're left with the vanilla and almond which is a lovely scent on it's own. It almost smells wintery like something baking during the holidays, but with a touch of candied cherry pulling it into a candy scent instead of a bakery scent.

Overall, I really liked this collection. It was nothing too complicated, but nothing too basic either. Not many notes in each one, but the each note used has a purpose and adds to the overall blend. Which I was expecting considering the beard oils B has smell wonderful and well crafted. It's definitely a great spring collection with a lot of candy scents, but also a bit of floral mixed in. I also applaud Virginia's use of only one rose scent, it's good and not a typical rose perfume. A few of these scents are classic blends, lavender and vanilla, lemon and raspberry, chocolate and vanilla, but they are all some of the best quality blends of those two notes I have ever smelled. It's safe to say these are most definitely not the same old tiring perfume blends. They are some of the most accurate and high quality mixes I've smelled in indie perfumery, but also from anywhere. I think my favorite might be Love Stinks, it was such a simple scent, but lasted a while on me. And I could smell it hours later and I was wondering what smelled so good before I remembered I was wearing it.

Customer Service - I did not have to contact customer service regarding any problems with my order.

Availability - These perfume samples are still available for purchase. I believe they will be available until May 1st.

Overall Satisfaction - My favorite was Love Stinks, but I really enjoyed all of these perfumes. I will be back for the next Bath Sabbath collection, I need more of their perfumes! They are such a high quality, it's surprising they're not more popular.

What did you think of the Bath Sabbath Spring Collection? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Mr. Danger loves, loves, loves the beard oils from Bath Sabbath, but I never considered trying their perfumes. I may have to now, these sound perfect for Spring. I Was Made for Loving You sounds right up my alley! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Yes do try them! I just knew that the beard oils were so good, the perfumes had to be as well. I can't wait for the next release.

  2. Annnd I just bought the sampler pack. Your reviews always lead me to buy something!!


    1. Haha yay for smelling good! Boo for wallet, but at least the sampler pack is pretty inexpensive! :D


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