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March 15, 2015

Indie Weekends: MiniMintPalette Review

I've been waiting to do a MiniMintPalette review for months and I finally felt I had a variety of palettes for the review! The thing about MiniMintPalette is that they sell completely unique empty makeup palettes, and there are only a handful that go up in the shop at any one time. And they usually go up fairly late at night, once to twice a week. You have to be fast to get some of the good palettes, they sell out quickly! After months and months of no palettes I was interested in, there were finally a few new ones I had to grab.

AboutMiniMintPalette is an indie makeup palette shop, that specializes in handmade unique empty palettes. There are only one of each design made, so when you purchase a palette, it is completely unique. Palettes are added to the shop roughly once to twice a week, so follow their Facebook page for updates.

Shipping - Because these palettes are pre-made and then sold, shipping is fairly fast. I made 3 orders to get 4 palettes and each order shipped within 3 days of placing my order. They were shipped via USPS and arrived within 3 days usually from Wisconsin to California.

Product SizeMiniMintPalette offers a few palette sizes, including the 3x3 Mini Square, 4x4 Mint Square, and the 6x4 MiniMint Palette. I ended up purchasing two 4x4 palettes, and 2 6x4 palettes. Here's what will fit in each palette:
  • 3x3
    • 4 - 26mm pans
  • 4x4
    • 9 - 26mm pans
  • 6x4
    • 15 - 26mm pans

Free Samples - It surprised me that MiniMintPalette actually does include free samples with every order. For my first order I received some eyelashes, and for my other orders I received some pan stickers for labelling the bottom of the eyeshadow pans. 

Flower Butterfly Painting palette - (4x4)

This was the first one I purchased. Many of the palettes are floral designs, but this one I liked a lot more because it looks like a painting or color pencil. 

Vintage Inspired Botanical Birds palette - (4x4)

And I don't know what made me pick this one, other than it looked classy and vintage.

Here's what the inside of the 4x4 palette looks like. You can see the paper on the inside is different from the outside design, but does complement it.

Steampunk Gears palette - (6x4)

I showed this one to B when it went up for sale and asked if he thought I should get it, after briefly explaining what it was for. He gave me the great idea that I could use it to put all my metallic shadows in! Sometimes he has some great ideas, I guess that's why I keep him around ;)

Girl Clip Art Illustration Mint Blue palette - (6x4)

And this pattern is not normally something I'd be interested in, but I liked the color scheme, the girl is cute and the flower in the background is nice. Plus, I wanted one other bigger palette to test out.

I like the coordinating polka dot pattern inside this palette.

Overall, I think the palettes from MiniMintPalette are fairly inexpensive, but not quite as nice of quality as the palettes from anothersoul. I had a harder time finding designs I liked from MiniMintPalette as well. I found that many of them were either too cutesy cartoon animals, or were floral patterns which I didn't care for. I purchased the 4 palettes I liked over the course of over two months, even with checking every release, those were the only ones I was interested in that were still available for purchase. Most of the designs I was interested in sold out very quickly, so you had to be fast to get the ones you want.

Unlike the palettes from anothersoul, the palettes from MiniMintPalette are not covered in one sheet of paper. The anothersoul palettes are wrapped with one design paper on the outside, and then the inside of the lid has a cropped piece of paper to accent. The palettes from MiniMintPalette are covered in a fairly generic paper design, and then the design paper is cut to fit the outside front and back, and another paper is used for the inside lid. You can see it in my photos, that there is a small border around the design paper on the front. While it does seem well glued, but I worry that over time the paper may start to come off. Although, all palettes from MiniMintPalette are covered in an acrylic that makes them water resistant, which is not the case for all anothersoul palettes. I did find that I tended to prefer the pattern designs from anothersoul more than I did from MiniMintPalette though. MiniMintPalettes are less expensive though, $5.50 for a 3x3, $7 for a 4x4, and $10 for a 6x4.

Customer Service - I did not have to contact customer service regarding any problems with my orders.

Availability - None of the exact palette designs I purchased are still available due to their completely unique nature, but there are new designs every week or so. Check the MiniMintPalette Facebook page for updates about when new palettes go up for sale.

Overall Satisfaction - If you have the patience, you can find some very cute, inexpensive palettes from MiniMintPalette. But it may take a while of checking to find the right designs for you. But otherwise they are nice quality empty makeup palettes, which are worth the small expense.

What do you think of MiniMintPalette? Let me know in the comments!

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