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June 19, 2015

Indies of the Week: Sixteen92 Summer Lotions and Detangling Hair Mist Review

Sixteen92 recently introduced the new summer lotion scents, and I had to try all of them. When it arrived, I opened my package and there was also a sample size detangler hair mist included as a free sample, so I have that to review as well! I was really excited about it, I've been wanting to try it since it was first released. 

AboutSixteen92 is a newer indie company, owned by Claire and based in Texas, that specializes in perfume. They also recently introduced their bath and body product line, including shower gel and hand & body lotion. They now also carry hair care products.

Product Size - The lotions can be purchased in either 1 oz mini jars, or 4 oz full size jars. I have the 1 oz jars here. And the detangling hair mist is normally only available in a 4 oz spray bottle, but I have a not-for-sale sample size here.

Detangling Hair Mist in Eternal Return - "Peat moss and damp garden soil, tomato leaf, beetroot, grass, herbs, lavender spikes, galbanum, sun-warmed oak bark."

I made a fairly large summer perfume order along with the lotion minis, and Claire was kind enough to throw this in as my free sample! I was so excited when I saw it in the box as I've been wanting to try this detangling hair mist since they were released! I just couldn't justify buying a full size in case I didn't like it. But I love it. The formula makes a comb go through my wet hair like soft butter. I just towel dry my hair as much as I can, flip my hair down and spray the top and underside. Comb through, and done. I don't blow dry my hair, I just let it air dry. I've tried other detangling sprays before, and most will make it easier to comb, but still leave a tangle or two. This one just gets rid of them all. And the scent lasts longer than other brands I've tried. Not the whole day, but at least a few hours after my hair is completely dry. And the detangling powers seem to last all day. My hair has a tendency to get really knotted later in the day and definitely while sleeping, but I don't have that problem any more using this spray.

I've been converted, if I didn't already have a stock pile of detangling hair sprays, I would absolutely be buying this one from Sixteen92 right now. And I love how many scents there are to choose from. If you've been on the fence about getting one just because it's a full size, I recommend getting it. I know I will be buying more. I will say that while it's not worlds better than my favorite Black Violet Phyto Mist detangling sprays, it definitely has a noticeable difference. This scent is great too if you like your hair to smell like a fresh green garden. It doesn't weigh the hair down either, or make it crunchy. Just soft and light hair after using. And it seems to make my hair really smooth too.

Hand & Body Lotions:

Coconut Custard - "Frozen custard with coconut, cream and a drizzle of vanilla sugar."

I’ve been smelling quite a few coconut scents lately, and this one comes the closest to smelling like toasted coconut. It’s subtle, but there’s just a hint of toasty sweetness to this. Which for me is fantastic, because I love toasted coconut. There’s a bit of the sugar and cream in the background, but it’s mostly toasted coconut. Like the smell that hits your nose when it comes right out of the oven, if you’ve ever made your own. So good! I am really surprised by how much I love this one.

Key Lime Sherbet - "Tart key lime, lime zest, sugar and a touch of buttery vanilla."

I am one of those weird people who doesn’t care much for desserts like key lime pie, but this lotion scent is nothing like the key lime pies I’ve had. It kind of reminds me of lime Skittles, which I enjoy. And I think if you mixed a little of this with the coconut custard scent, they would make a fabulous mix. Again, quite good, it’s much sweeter than I was expecting, and less tart. I think that's my biggest problem with actual key lime pies, they are usually too tart for me.

Root Beer Float - "The classic combination of fizzy root beer with vanilla bean ice cream."

I was a little skeptical about this one when I purchased these, I figured this would either be spot on and yummy smelling, or disgusting. Luckily, it’s the former, and I am pleasantly surprised. It’s a good smelling root beer, and you get the sweetness from the ice cream, and even a bit of the fizziness. I like this one, if you like root beer or root beer floats in the slightest, you will probably enjoy this scent.

Summer Peach Sorbet - "Ripe summer peaches blended with a drizzle of Bourbon vanilla and a tiny dash of tart raspberry puree."

This one is spot on for ripe peaches, but you can tell there’s something else in there that you can’t pinpoint. I think it’s the raspberry like the description states, but that doesn’t seem like it either. It’s wonderful though, it reminds me of grilled peaches when the sugars caramelize, and they become the peachiest peaches you’ve ever tasted. The raspberry adds something quite perfect to this, and I would love this as a sauce over some ice cream. I think I’ve been watching too many food shows lately…

Paper Moon - "Soft vanilla musk, benzoin, oakmoss, trailing ivy, peach blossom, rose."

Out of all of the summer perfumes, I thought this would be the best as a lotion, just because it can always be nice to have a vanilla based lotion hanging around. And it’s pretty spot on to the perfume, I think Blood & Honey would also make a good one. I was kind of regretting not getting that one as a lotion to try. But Paper Moon is nice, not too overpowering, it’s quite soft.

Overall, these are all amazing, just like the summer perfume collection was just a big winner for me. I love all of them. I’d probably switch off for a different scent every day just to get a chance to use them all. Especially that Coconut Custard, it might have eked out a win as my favorite. But only slightly. I love the theme behind the summer lotions to, the ice cream shop theme. It’s fun and original, and it makes it even better that the scents all smell amazing and spot on. And the detangling hair mist has completely won me over, my hair feels so soft when I use it and completely tangle free.

Availability - The lotion scents will be available through summer, but there is no exact date of when they will be removed from the site. And the detangling spray is available, just not in the size I have in my photos.

Recommendation - I would absolutely recommend any of the summer lotions, as well as the detangling hair mist. My favorite lotion scent was Coconut Custard. I think the detangling hair mist is good enough that I would recommend buying a full size even if you've never tried it. It might not work for everyone, but it worked so amazingly well for me. If you have long hair like mine that tangles easily, I think it will work great.

What did you think of the Sixteen92 Summer Lotions and Detangling Hair Mist? Let me know in the comments!

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