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June 29, 2015

June 2015 Favorites

I actually had a hard time this month narrowing down my favorites as there was a lot I really liked. I think the most difficult is picking one of my indie subscriptions, as they've all been really great lately. But there were a few new brands this month with some of my favorite products, and I think a good variety!

Femme Fatale Dr. Eek -

I wore this shadow over Pixie Epoxy all over the lid one day and got my first "I love your eyeshadow!" in public! It's just an awesome pink with a blue/green shift, and if you love Candied Apple, you should definitely check out Dr. Eeek.

I mentioned this in my review, but these lip balms have a wax base instead of an oil base like other indie lip balms do. It makes for a much more moisturizing lip balm I think, and I've always preferred waxy balms to oily ones. The Coconut Vanilla is my absolute favorite, and the one that's in my purse. I have two of the others throughout the house too.

This was such a surprise favorite this month. It was my first time trying this brand, and the perfume was fruity, mysterious, and sexy. I will be wearing it quite a bit, and absolutely buying more from Altitude Soap Co.

Possets Perfumes -

There were so many favorites from the spring perfumes, I couldn't decide. So my favorite is really Possets in general, and I sadly missed out on getting summer decants, but I will definitely be trying more of their perfumes. Perfumes I thought I would hate, I loved, so that's the true test for me of a perfume shop. Possets knocked the spring collection out of the park!

Hello Waffle June Visage -

I don't have my review up for this yet, but I've already swatched them and I knew this would be my favorite indie subscription this month. There are lots of reds this month, which is my favorite color, and I tend to gravitate towards that shade for makeup as well. And I love that I got to try Preen Cosmetics. I'm already planning my order for pretty much all the lip colors!

Sixteen92 Detangling Hair Mist -

This was a random freebie thrown into one of my recent orders, and I actually really loved the detangler. I thought I had my holy grail indie detangling mist, but this one might be a bit better. I thought the scent lasted a really long time in my hair, and it detangled, and kept my hair smooth and shiny. I already ordered a bottle to keep testing, as this sample bottle is almost gone!

As much as I love my loose shadows, there's just something so much more convenient and easy about pressed shadows. And the new Glamour Doll Eyes pressed shadows are so awesome, and makes it really easy to do your eye makeup in a rush. I can't wait for more shades to be released, I will surely get them release day.

Fortune Cookie Soap OCD Hand Sanitizer -

It's funny, I have a Fortune Cookie Soap hand sanitizer in my purse at all times, and I use it so often, but I have never featured it as a favorite of mine. I sort of realized that this month when I was using it almost everyday, and thought I should probably add it to my favorites! I have all kinds of scents, and one of my favorite ones is Tree of Life, but I just love how the scent lasts a while after using, and they're small and portable. They sell a bigger size too, but I love these little mini bottles for in my purse. They are a great alternative to Bath and Body Works hand sanitizer.

It's no secret I've been addicted to my Erin Condren planner and stickers lately, and the June mystery box from Scribble Prints Co. was so cute and just perfect for summer, or any time of the year really. That's one thing that's so great about it, is that there are some seasonally appropriate stickers, but there's also a lot of ones that could be used anytime. I sadly missed out on July's, but I'm hoping I can snag August's box.

What were your June favorites? Let me know in the comments!

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